You should be Skolafund's Campaign Manager!


Dear friends of Skolafund,

Running Skolafund while we are studying in university has been quite rough. The past year has been filled with many challenges, stress and of course hard work.

We need to expand the team.

One of the tasks in running Skolafund which takes quite a bit of time is the curation & verification process. We need to verify the documents submitted by the scholars and also help them in writing their campaign stories. Some scholars may need our help in expressing their thoughts and situation.

Hence, we are looking for only THREE campaign managers who work from home or campus ad-hoc. Only when a campaign gets submitted on Skolafund, you will be notified. You will then verify the documents the student has submitted. Read their campaign story and help them edit parts which needs to be better phrased or clearer. After which you can decide to approve the campaign. After you approve the campaign, it will be launched on

You may ask, “Will I be remunerated for this work?”.

The answer is yes. Since this ad-hoc work is dependent on the number of campaigns you helped verify and curate, we will remunerate you with 1.5% of the campaign value when the campaign is SUCCESSFUL. We are unable to remunerate you when the campaign is not successful because we will refund the sponsorships to the sponsors if the campaign fails.

Skolafund currently charges 5% service fee for every campaign. This 5% is used for various costs such as platform development/maintenance, web hosting, marketing efforts and so on.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you are interested to join Skolafund as a Campaign Manager, please register your interest here

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