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The Ultimate List of Scholarship Websites Every Malaysian Student Should Bookmark Now.

We collected it all, so you don’t have to.

There are 14 websites in this list. Together, they compile all of the scholarships available for Malaysian students.

There are scholarships for each level of study (Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate & more).

There are scholarships for public and private universities.

There are scholarships for local Malaysian universities, and international universities of any destination you can imagine.

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Scholarship Websites that are Not Active in 2017

While compiling this ultimate list, we also found many websites that are no longer active (ie. have not been updated in 2017). Nevertheless, we have included them here:

  3. (can no longer be accessed, but still present on Facebook)

You never know if you might still find a useful opportunity!

If there are scholarship websites useful for Malaysian students that we have missed out, help us by leaving a comment at the end of this article. We’ll add and credit you for it.

All the best, everyone!

1. Portal Rasmi Kerajaan Pendidikan Tinggi (KPT)

Name: Portal Rasmi Kerajaan Pendidikan Tinggi (KPT)

Where else can we find scholarship opportunities and sponsors, if not in the Official Ministry of Higher Education Portal (KPT)?

All kinds of information about sponsorships can be found here, as well as other useful guides to obtaining financial help.

Level of Study: SPM Graduates, Bachelor’s Degree, Postgraduate Degree and International

Sample Scholarship: Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Browse through all the scholarships offered at Portal Rasmi Kerajaan Pendidikan Tinggi (KPT)

2. Youth Opportunities

Youth Opportunities - Scholarships

Name: Youth Opportunities

Even though this website is not specific to Malaysian students, it is extremely useful to those looking for opportunities to study abroad.

Scholarships offered are for international students, with Malaysian students also invited to apply. Opportunities for internships and conferences are also available.

Study: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Postgraduate, Post Doctoral, Summer/Winter School

Sample Scholarship: Red Bull Music Academy 2018, Berlin, Germany

Browse through all the scholarships offered at Youth Opportunities

3. ASEAN Opportunities

ASEAN Opportunities Scholarships

Name: ASEAN Opportunities

ASEAN Opportunities was started on 1st January 2017, but has already obtained more than 8,761 likes on Facebook up to now.

The team comes from Cambodia, and believe that education is crucial for every country.

Besides scholarship opportunities for students from Cambodia, ASEAN and internationally, ASEAN Opportunities offers information about exchange programs, internships, conferences and much more.

Level of Study: High School, Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate), Masters & PhD

Sample Scholarship: The Skoll MBA Scholarship at University of Oxford, UK

Browse through all the scholarships offered at ASEAN Opportunities Website, or follow them on Facebook ASEAN Opportunities

4. Scholarships


Every student of higher education in Malaysia has to know about – the Number 1 Education Website in Malaysia.

Before choosing the best courses and scholarships for yourself, be sure to read the summaries written about each course, university options and possible careers.

Level of Study: Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate), Masters & PhD

Sample Scholarship: The ZALORA Scholarship 2017

Browse through all the scholarships offered at, or follow them on Facebook


Scholarship Positions Malaysia


There are a few scholarships we found in this website that weren’t listed on the other websites in this list.

Scholarships here are not limited to private/public universities, local and international.

Level of Study: Pre-University, Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate), Masters & PhD (Postgraduate)

Sample Scholarship: Heriot-Watt University Malaysia 5th Anniversary Scholarships for International Students at Malaysia Campus, 2017

Browse through all the scholarships offered at

6. Malaysia Scholarships

Malaysia Scholarships Screenshot

Name: Malaysia Scholarships

This website offers scholarship opportunities from the government and private sectors. They also advertise opportunities for graduates of SPM and STPM.

Level of Study: Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate), Masters & PhD (Postgraduate)

Sample Scholarship: Karangkraf Scholarship 2017

Browse through all the scholarships offered at Malaysia Scholarships.

7. Scholarships Malaysia Students

Malaysia Scholarships Forum


Compared to the other websites on this list, this one is certainly not as pretty or full of scholarships. However, what makes it unique is the forum that has been created especially for students looking for scholarships.

Although this forum is not too active, there are still some threads that are relevant and interesting. For example, take a look at the experiences of someone who has gone through the JPA Scholarship interview for Engineering.

Level of Study: Pre-University, Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate), Masters & PhD (Postgraduate)

Sample Scholarship: Biasiswa Yayasan Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK) Scholarship Awards

Browse through all the scholarships offered at Scholarships Malaysia Students.

8. Scholarships


A very simple website, but full of scholarship opportunities in Malaysia and overseas.

However, as of now (July 2017), all of the scholarships here are no longer open for application. The latest post on is dated 16th March 2017, which is why it’s still on this list – but we’ll keep checking and update regularly!

Level of Study: Pre-University, Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate), Masters & PhD (Postgraduate)

Sample Scholarship: Malaysia International Scholarship 2017 (MIS)

Browse through all the scholarships offered at

9. Study Malaysia

Study Malaysia Scholarships


This website lets you search for scholarships or study loans that are suitable for your university course.

Besides that, there is also an article from 2015 filled with important information for every scholarship hunter. This includes guides about JPA, PTPTN, Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship and more!

Level of Study: Pre-University, Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate), Masters & PhD (Postgraduate)

Sample Scholarship: KPT- Asasi Financial Assistance 2017

Browse through all the scholarships offered at

10. Scholarships


We included this website even though the latest scholarship posted has already expired in May 2017.

We’ll review this list at the end of the year, and take it out if we find that it’s no longer active.

Level of Study: Pre-University, Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate), Masters & PhD (Postgraduate)

Sample Scholarship: Biasiswa Daikin Malaysia 2017

Browse through all the scholarships offered at

11. Skolafund

Name: Skolafund

Many know Skolafund as a place to crowdfund a scholarship from the community, like this IIUM undergraduate who raised RM6,611 after her JPA sponsorship was pulled all of a sudden (find out why).

But did you know that some individuals and organisations have also started their own scholarships? You can do so on Skolaship, and provide your own criteria and conditions for the students they would like to help.

As of now, scholarships that have been created include Bursari Sinar Pendidikan for residents of Parit Sulong, Johor, Inovastra Scholarship and Zakiah Abdul Ghani Scholarship 2017.

Level of Study: According to the wishes of the scholarship creators.

Sample Scholarship: Zakiah Abdul Ghani Scholarship

Browse through all the scholarships offered at Skolafund. Don’t forget to follow Skolafund on Facebook for the latest scholarships.

Did we forget to include any scholarship website that you’ve used before? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll include it immediately! You can also drop an email to [email protected].

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