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You have posted about your campaign on your social media, but your campaign has not received much sponsorship. You must be wondering, how come? What should you improve?

To understand this, you need to understand the steps a sponsor go through to sponsor you.

It can be broken down into three parts:

Firstly, a potential sponsor reads what you post on social media. If they find it interesting, they will click your link to get more information.

Secondly, once the potential sponsor is on your campaign page, he/she will look through your campaign details.

Thirdly, after reading your campaign details, if the potential sponsor is convinced, he will pledge money to your campaign, making him an actual sponsor (no longer “potential” sponsor).

As you can see, it all starts with what you share with your contacts on social media. The caption itself. If it is interesting people will take the next step. If it not interesting, people will scroll through and ignore.

So, how do you know if what you are posting is enticing enough?

An effective way to do this is by seeing how many people actually clicked on your link in the post itself!

If there’s a lot of people clicking your link, it means whatever you posted is enticing enough. If no one, or only a few people click on your link, that means it needs improvement.

The best way, right now, to track how many people are actually clicking your link is by using a tool called is a tool that shorten your links and at the same time, track the number of clicks.

As you can see in the image above, it changes a long messy link like this:

into a simple link like this:

You can also see from the screenshot that it tracks the number of clicks the new link receives. 1,834 clicks for the link above.

Here are the steps to use to track your link clicks:

  1. Head to
  2. Click the Sign Up link on the top right corner of the page. You need to sign up to see the link click count.
  3. Create an account either with Facebook, Twitter or your email address.
  4. After signing up, click on the orange “Create Bitlink” button.
  5. Copy and paste your full Skolafund campaign page link to “Paste Long URL”
  6. Click the “Create” button
  7. It will generate a “” link for you
  8. Customise your link if you wish to. We normally would customise it to something readable so the link doesn’t look so scary.
  9. Click “Save”
  10. Copy the link and test it to ensure it directs you to the right page
  11. Use it in your social media posts instead of the long link

Anytime a person clicks on the link, it will be recorded on your page (you need to be logged in).

With this, you can know if what you are posting on social media is working or if it needs to be improved.

There is a mobile app for this, too! Search Bitly on your App Store or Google Playstore

The best way to improve your promotions is by being sincere and by being personal. When a person reads your post, they should feel like you are talking to them. That is what you should work towards.

We will share other tips to improve promotions in the future.



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