in Doing Good

Do you have friends who believe that you shouldn’t help the less-privileged because they need to work and help their ownselves? While you agree that the friend may have a point, you know that it is actually more complexed than that but it is just a bit hard for you to explain to him/her. You know that majority of the poor are not poor because they are not willing to work hard, in fact most of them do work hard daily to make ends meet but it is just very difficult. Circumstances has led them to be at that position where things are tougher compared to what others normally face.

The truth is, many of us have it easier than others. This is what we call “privilege”. Being born in a financially stable family is an example of privilege. By chance, or external reasons other than ourselves, we have a head start in life. Don’t understand what I’m saying? Watch this video and I am sure you’ll get it.

You can use this simple analogy to explain about privilege to your friends!

It’s not wrong to be born with privileges and it does not undermine any of your achievements. We just need to be thankful for it and use our advantages to take care of those who are less-privileged than us.

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