Start A Scholarship In Honour Of Your Mother

Start A Scholarship In Honour Of Your Mother

Mother’s day this year is approaching soon. 14th May to be exact. Every year we will think of flowers, chocolates or a dinner meal for our mothers as a gift for Mother’s day.

This year Skolafund would like to suggest starting a micro-scholarship in the name of your mother.



Micro-scholarship is basically a scholarship with a smaller monetary value and is one-off. The micro-scholarship fund will go a long way in helping less-privileged undergraduates in covering their semester tuition fees or even daily necessities such as food, accommodation, notes, transportation and so on. You can specify if you just want your scholarship funds to be given out for tuition fees and we can do the payout directly to you scholarship recipient’s university.


There are a few examples of micro-scholarships set-up by generous people on Skolafund:

a) Manan Amir Foundation Micro-scholarship

b) Scholarship For The Driven

c) Radiance21 by Syaza Nazura


You can also set the criteria for your scholarship. You can customise the university which the student is studying, degree programmes, year of study, GPA/grades, state and so on.


We will help you set-up the scholarship website, provide you a dashboard to look at the applications, promote your scholarship to our database of students and social media following and we will also help you out with disbursements of your scholarship fund.



If you would like to create a scholarship in honour of your mother this mother’s day, sign up now at

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]


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