Maryam's Advice For Young Couples

Dear Young Couples Still Studying, Here’s A Message For You

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Ms Maryam Abdul Mohsen raised RM6,611 in just 30 days by crowdfunding on Skolafund.

With just 2 semesters left, Maryam’s Public Services Commission (JPA) sponsorship was cut off after she married her soulmate, Mr Ahmad Fadzel. Suddenly, she had to find a way to raise the money, or empty the savings she had for her future. But she had absolutely no regrets, because she was confident in her decision.

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Having thoughts about getting married while studying?

Maryam has two questions for you that you MUST ask yourself before saying yes (just like she did).

1. Do you think you are mature enough?

According to Maryam, a lot of students have dreams of getting married but are actually far from ready.

“It’s almost like a trend. You have to be honest with yourself, because it’s not going to be a fairytale ending – it’s just the beginning. 

You’re going to have a big responsibility.

You’re someone’s wife, someone’s husband. You both deserve someone who’s truly ready.

If you don’t think you can take up that responsibility, then Maryam’s advice is to think of the specific ways which you want to improve on. “You have to work on yourself,” she shares.

2. Will it benefit you?

Will this marriage make you a better person? Will you be happier together, not just today, but forever? As Maryam mentions in her Skolafund crowdfunding campaign,

“The reason why I decided to get married during my study years as I would like to avoid any kind of unlawful relationships.

I find that my marriage has made me a better person than I was before, through the help of my husband. 

This therapeutic relationship… was essential and vital to my religious belief and psychological health as a whole.”

If the answers to both questions are a yes, then Maryam believes financial worries are no obstacle. 

Three years after marrying Fadzel, Maryam shares that they are actually still saving up to have a small majlis (wedding ceremony) or as she says, “makan-makan aje!”

They have also started Projek Umrah – a husband-and-wife business to provide another source of income, this time to fund their umrah, or minor pilgrimage to Makkah.

Maryam’s final message to her fellow young, married couples out there? Enjoy yourselves! 

Hati kena kental. (Your heart has to be resilient.) Whatever dreams you want to achieve, you have to plan together. Then, you have to work together towards it!

Be a team, don’t be like Mat Jenin.”

All the best, Maryam and Fadzel. We’re proud of you.

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Maryam's Questions For Young Couples

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