#skolafunded:  Arif Luqman, Resource Biotechnology, UMS

#skolafunded: Arif Luqman, Resource Biotechnology, UMS

Dear Sponsors,

I have now completed my internship and it was truly a memorable experience for me. Indeed, I have gained a lot during my internship period. I also get to network with a lot of people.

During my three month period of internship, I was assigned to three different departments which were: laboratory analysis department, tissue culture department and greenhouse management department. This allowed me to learn more than what I envisioned during my industrial training period.

Arif Luqman
Completing my internship marked the end of my undergraduate studies. I am currently job hunting for my first job!

Lastly, I want to say thank you to all my sponsors and Skolafund for enabling me to pursue my internship. Only God can repay your kindness.

I promise to help other skolafund applicants in the future.

Arif Luqman

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