We funded 5 students' education this month!

Skolafund In The Community: Not All Heroes Wear Capes!

Last month, our monthly update was about us.

We were listed as Top 10 in Malaysia, and we showed you what Skolafund co-founder Tengku Ahmad Syamil has in common with famous celebrity Neelofa.

But this time, let’s do something different. Let’s talk about the MOST important person at Skolafund.

This person is really special to us – he/she might not wear a cape, but they are definitely our heroes. Every day, they do what heroes do best.

They see someone in desperate need, and they’ll be there before you know it.

They hear a call for help, and they come running faster than a speeding bullet.

And when their work is done, they’re up, up and away into the bright sky, not expecting any reward or recognition at all.



Yes, you are the most important person at Skolafund! Don’t believe us? Think we’re making it up just so you like us? Here’s what you’ve done. Just in the past month (May 2017), you have:

  • Successfully crowdfunded RM 15,873 and 85 cents for deserving students – an amount that could have also bought you 122 dUCk scarves, and still have enough left over to treat your best friend to dinner
  • Haissazc. Alia. Hafifi. Uyun. Normutiah. These are the inspiring young men and women whose education you have supported through your donations and shares in May – who knows what the future lies in store for them?
  • Most importantly, we did it together. In total, 228 generous individuals gave to these campaigns with countless more sharing their stories.
We funded 5 students' education this month!
Clockwise from top left: Hafifi, Alia, Uyun, Haissazc and Normutiah – We did it, people!

So a huge round of applause, to you, our heroes for bringing 5 more students into our ever-growing #skolafunded community. None of this is possible without you.

Making New Friends @ Batu Pahat!

You know who else is an important part of our community? Students! And on 20th May, we travelled to Batu Pahat and set up a booth at a festive celebration called Karnival Ilmu. Check out the many new young friends we made:

We also found out about Jauhar Online, Johor’s very own magazine – and we found ourselves in it! You can download the entire issue here or find our article below (click the picture to see it full-sized):

Skolafund featured in Majalah Jauhar.
Thanks, Majalah Jauhar!

While we were at Batu Pahat, we also launched a new bursary created to help out students from Parit Sulong, Batu Pahat who are just about to enter university. Named Dermasiswa Sinar Pendidikan, this initiative came from the good people at Parlimen Parit Sulong – check out the details and apply here!


Small Changes (like giving RM50), Big Differences (1000 Lives Changed)

Finally, another group of people we love just as much are others who dedicate their time and energy into making things better (it’s this blog’s slogan after all). Our sidekicks!

One such passionate group are the people over at Small Changes, who are running a fundraising drive that will be up until the end of June to help 1000 underprivileged students and Orang Asli!

You can also find out more about Small Changes on their Facebook.
You can also find out more about Small Changes on their Facebook.

Curious to learn more about where the money will go to? They’ve even made a video to answer all your questions:


Our sidekicks. Our students. And you, our heroes. It’s been a great May for Skolafund in the community, and we’re confident that together, greater things lie ahead for all of us.

May the force be with you.

(get it? May? Like the month?? Please say we’re not laughing by ourselves here.)

Have you met Luqman Skywalker, the medical student from al-Azhar? He went on an exchange program of a lifetime in Monterray, Mexico and also has some study tips involving tying goats to trees. All thanks to you, our #skolafunded heroes. We love you.

Wanna help some students right now? Head over to Skolafund.com, read the stories of our latest campaigners and share them with your family and friends! It’s that easy.

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