“Why are you fundraising your scholarship? ” – How to write this part well?

For this section, the idea is for sponsors to better understand you and your background. We want to see if you have tried getting funding from the usual sources such as PTPTN, MARA, Zakat organisations and so on. We want to see a good reason for us to fund you.

  1. Your family background, what your parents work as, your siblings and whether
    they are also studying
  2. Did you receive any financial aid from PTPTN / MARA / Scholarships / funding from any Yayasan / Zakat
  3. Why do you need help with funding from the sponsors on Skolafund?
  4. Talk about why you should be funded to complete your university education. Your dreams and how your education can help you achieve your dreams.

Here are some good samples:


– from Russell’s successful campaign


– from Norhidayah’s campaign


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