Win Skolafund’s First Micro-Scholarship of RM 1000!

Win Skolafund’s First Micro-Scholarship of RM 1000!

Skolafund is launching a feature that will allow anyone or organisation to start and offer micro-scholarships to students very soon!

In lieu of this, the team at Skolafund are offering our own micro-scholarship of RM 1,000 which will be awarded to one lucky, awesome student. What do you need to do to win Skolafund’s micro-scholarship? Read on.

Skolafund Micro-Scholarship of RM 1,000.

In essence, it is super simple. In order to qualify for Skolafund’s scholarship of RM 1,000, you just need to:
1. Record & upload a 2-minute video to your Facebook and
2. Fill up this form with your details. If you upload a video without filling up the form, your application will not be counted.

What should be in the video?

1. Introduce yourself
2. Explain why do you think you are the best candidate for this competition
3. Call people to support Skolafund and the students on Skolafund.
These are the basic things that need to be present in the video. Feel free to include more things and be creative with it. Just make sure the video does not exceed 2 minutes. In terms of language, you may use Malay or English whichever you prefer. 🙂

Who is eligible to participate for this Micro-Scholarship?

Any student studying in any Post-SPM or ‘O’ Level institutions or have at least received an offer letter. This includes colleges, polytechnics and universities. We will require you to submit an offer letter via e-mail after filling up application form as proof.

How will applications be judged?

  1. 1 mark will be given for each “Like”, “Shares” and “Views that your Facebook video gets. So if it gets 100 Likes, 10 Shares and 1000 Views, you will get 1,110 points.
  2. In addition, Skolafund team will assess the video for creativity. This portion carries a maximum mark of 20.
  3. We will add the marks from point (1) & (2) for the final score. The student with the highest score will be the awarded with Skolafund’s first ever micro-scholarship.

What are the important dates for this scholarship?

  • 5th July 2016 – the first day application opens.
  • 4th August 2016 – the last day to submit application.
  • 11th August 2016 – Skolafund will record the number of Likes, Shares and Views on applicants’ Facebook videos on this day.
  • 15th August 2016 – The Announcement of the Micro-scholarship Winner!

If I have any questions, who should I contact?

Email us at [email protected]!

We are excited!

We, at Skolafund, are very excited to be able to launch this micro-scholarship! We are even even even more excited to receive your applications and watch your awesome Facebook videos! Happy recording and all the best!

P.s. Do you wish to create your own scholarship? If you would like to create your own Scholarship for yourself, your loved ones or your Business, drop us an e-mail to this address:
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