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Out of more than 300 teams that applied from 24 different countries, SkolaFund was very fortunate to be one of the 11 teams that were selected to undergo Startupbootcamp Fintech (SBC FT) accelerator programme – a 100-day programme to accelerate the growth of a startup. This happened in May-July 2015. A lot of useful workshops and mentorships took place during this 3 months. We learnt a lot, quickly. At the end of the 3 months, there’s demo day!

What’s a Demo Day?

A Demo Day is a day for startups to meet investors and potential partners. It is a day for startups to raise funds after a period of learning and growth.

What happened during SBC FT Demo Day?

The demo day was attended by more than 500 investors and people from the financial industry. Here’s the general format of our Demo Day: 1 minute pitch to the 500+ audience then 5 rounds of 5-minute pitch to a smaller group of people at our respective booths.

It was really an exciting day for us. We met a lot of people, answered a lot of questions about SkolaFund and listened to feedback on how SkolaFund can be better.

We did our best for all the pitches, and managed to get the interest of a few investors. However, it is still too early to tell if any of them would be investing – we are in talks with them right now.  Truth is, SkolaFund really needs funds to grow and progress. We just started and there’s so many ways that we can be better provided a bit more capital. But, regardless whether we get funded or not; whether investors believe in us or not, the team will continue to work hard to grow SkolaFund. This is because we truly believe in what we do and we know that we are offering a solution to a real problem. This is only the beginning for us and we have a big vision in mind.

Fortunately for us, we have a strong community that is always supporting and giving feedback for us to be better. We truly appreciate it. Please pray that we can raise some funds soon!

The start of a new phase!

The end of the Demo Day marked the end of Startupbootcamp FinTech for us, and the beginning of a new journey. We are working on quite a number of exciting things and we hope it can impact the education financing scene positively. Stay tuned for more  updates of this new phase of SkolaFund. We will try to update you weekly!


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  1. hi syamil, i came across your blog/web thru twitter as one of my friends retweet this site.

    what u and ur team are doing right now, is really inspiring ?, this is such an opportunity for our beloved youth to further their study and to atleast help them by giving some financial aids. this may be can’t get them a full scholarship but atleast this can help them to achieve a better education ☺ and everyone can atleast have a share to do good.

    who knows if after this our beloved brothers and sisters will not have to borrowed from PTPTN or sign up for a study loan.

    Who knows if by doing this our economy systems might be better? and by doing this, we might have a bunch of responsible citizens, who are patriotics and responsible upon all their acts , who will give their all to give back to the society as when they finish their study they will always remembers that, the state that they have achieve today is because of some people who are willingly to give some amounts of money to them to help them to continue their study.

    i wish all of you all the best! May u be granted with a bless from Allah

    Dont ever give up!
    I will always support you guys ☺

    btw, I’m an Iium-ians too ?

    • Hi Syafiqah, my fellow IIUM-ian! 😛 Thank you for your encouraging words. Your paragraph on creating a bunch of responsible citizen is spot on what I feel and hope in the inside but don’t know how to put it in words. Thank you so much! Hope you’ll continue to support what we do.

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