“Why are you fundraising your scholarship? ” – How to write this part well?

For this section, the idea is for sponsors to better understand you and your background. We want to see if you have tried getting funding from the usual sources such as PTPTN, MARA, Zakat organisations and so on. We want to see a good reason for us to fund you.

  1. Your family background, what your parents work as, your siblings and whether
    they are also studying
  2. Did you receive any financial aid from PTPTN / MARA / Scholarships / funding from any Yayasan / Zakat
  3. Why do you need help with funding from the sponsors on Skolafund?
  4. Talk about why you should be funded to complete your university education. Your dreams and how your education can help you achieve your dreams.

Here are some good samples:


– from Russell’s successful campaign


– from Norhidayah’s campaign


“Your Pitch” – How do I write this part?

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.58.24 PM

Your pitch is the first thing that a sponsor visiting your crowdfunding page will see. Catch the sponsors’ attention, tell them how great of a student you are and why you should get their support!

Here are some good samples from successful Skolafund students’ campaigns:

1.”All I want, is the chance to fully focus on my studies and to give my best. This scholarship will allow me that chance, and to be that foundation in which I would be able to launch forward and achieve greater heights from here.” – Russell

2. “This campaign can help me graduate in one year’s time despite my financial setback and help me pursue my goals as a psychologist so that I can contribute and giveback to society.”  – Maryam

3. “Since I’m the first child in my family, I have a very huge responsibility towards them. I should be the role model for my siblings. Therefore, I must perform well in my studies to help my family years ahead.” – Nur Aina