70 BTEC Scholarships Available before 24th October 2015!

BTEC is a new path for students to pursue after SPM! If you are looking for an alternative to Diploma and Degree programmes, you should check out this programme. This programme is new in Malaysia, but is so well-established and highly-favoured in UK and various parts of the world.

UNITAR is hosting this programme here in Malaysia. The first ever intake is on 24th October 2015. They are offering a full-scholarship (worth RM 6,000) for the first year and they have allocated 70 scholarships to be applied via Skolafund!

If you are interested and wish to get this scholarship, fill up this form and a representative from UNITAR will get in touch with you. If you don’t hear from them within 48 hours, inform us and we will alert them.


  1. Programmes offered
    h&T biz A&D

  2. What’s Different About BTEC?


BTEC is known as the world’s most successful, best-loved applied learning brand. It has been engaging learners in practical, interpersonal and thinking skills for over 30 years.

noexam1NO EXAMS

Really! There will be no written exams at all. You will be graded based on other things that matter after graduation, like presentation, reports, task performance and so on.

globalInternationally Recognised

After completing BTEC, you have the option of either jumping into the work industry OR pursue your degree abroad! Check out the list below.

3. A Certification Recognised Globally

BTEC-Brochure (1)-5BTEC-Brochure (1)-51

4. The Best Part? Admission is not based on your SPM grades!

You will not be graded based on exams in BTEC, so why should they look at your SPM? It is a new programme in Malaysia but it has existed and recognised in many other countries including UK. Don’t just take our word for it, click here to check it out. Any Malaysian aged 16 and above can enrol into BTEC. So, don’t miss this chance to be among the first few in Malaysia to join the BTEC programme under UNITAR. 70 scholarships available for the first year! Fill up the form and you will be contacted soon after. All the best!

5. Apply here before 24th October 2015!

After submitting, a representative from UNITAR will get in touch with you. You can ask them any question regarding the programme when they contact you.

70 scholarships! Don’t miss it!

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